Unposed Moments

37 images Created 22 Feb 2015

Love can't be posed, but anyone with a cellphone or a decent camera can take a snapshot. True wedding photography should be about capturing lightning in a bottle...witnessing and documenting Magic! The Goal behind our work is to eternalize your greatest moments from one of the biggest days of your life. But how can I capture your best memories if I am posing or interfering with my subjects all day long? Simply stated, I don't! Instead I use what I call a "Fly on the Wall" approach because many times people don't even know I am there. Like a Ninja, I "spy" and wait for that "Decisive Moment" when everything comes together. Images like these are meant to make you tear-up with joy 10 or 20 or even 30 years later remembering that very instant when your groom first saw you coming down the aisle. Or when your mother gave you that incredibly intense look of pride that made you feel sure that, "YES! This is the greatest day of my life!" Our images capture those moments, beautifully and like no one else. The essential core of our work is this idea that the more natural the photo, the more incredible the moment will be, and the more valuable it will become over time. Do we take formal shots? Of course! But browsing through the images on this site, you will see that the true beauty of these photos comes from the Unposed Moment.
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